Blog Post #1: Introduction

I’m Jaimie Vela and I’m excited to meet you all!

I am a current graduate student in Art History at George Mason. This course will be a welcome (and much needed!) addition to my education; I am a non-traditional student and returned to school at 41 and as you can probably guess by this post, my technology skills could use some improvement!

When I am not in class, I work full-time in the jewelry industry. I attended Savannah College of Art and Design for Metals and Jewelry and I have worked for various independent jewelers in custom design and sales. I recently made the switch to the corporate side of the jewelry world and work at Bulgari, in City Center DC.

So what does art history have to do with jewelry? I consider jewelry to be a very unique art form, the art of adornment. And jewelry, like more traditional forms of art, can tell us so much about the past. It is the ancient applications, stylistic changes and use of materials that most intrigues me.

With this class, I look forward to building on my technical skills while incorporating my love of jewelry- I enjoy talking and presenting about this topic, so I am excited to take these skills digitally!