Final Project

Puzzle Piece #6

My final project has now become real as I finally got the nerve to start and put it on a website! As I type this, I really how silly this sounds. I had spent so much time gathering my content and delving deeper into research that I felt I was being productive without actually taking any action on creating digital content. I knew how to gather information and learn all about a giant diamond; what I didn’t know was how to create a website that used visual imagery to teach about this diamond.

Predictably, once I actually started using Goggle Sites, I quickly discovered how versatile it is to display digital content! So while I have all my Hope Diamond info, I just now have to figure out how to organize it in clear way that makes sense as you scroll down the page and onto the next ones.

My home page starts with imagery that alone, really doesn’t have much to do with each other, but each is a part of the story of the Hope Diamond, including stories of ill-fated luck those who encountered the stone. The second page will take a closer look at the diamond, including basic facts, with a more detailed, chronological look at the story of the diamond. The third page will then look more closely at the story of the curse. I look forward to adding more to my final project website, now that I’ve made it over the tech hill!