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Puzzle Piece #5

This week is all about the technology! While I don’t have a lot of concrete updates to share, I’ve been experimenting with Google Sites to get familiar with the features and see if what I’ve laid out for my project is doable on the site with me in the driver’s seat!

Speaking with Dr. Schrum this past Tuesday helped to alleviate my fears that I needed a history/research heavy site- I kept going back to the idea I needed a lot of content which seemed to defeat the purpose of a visual, interactive lesson. And most importantly I was grappling with the idea of answering if the Hope Diamond is in fact curse. I felt my project needed this kind of resolution. Realistically, how on earth can I answer that question?!

Now with the focus on showcasing a fun and interactive website, allowing the viewer to make up their own mind on the curse, I’m able to incorporate a lot of the interesting facts about the stone in a more lighthearted way. Ideally, this would be used as a supplement on a museum website, educational jewelry blogs or even shown (in a perfect world!) at the Museum of Natural History in the education department to school groups, as an introduction to entering the Gem and Mineral Collection.

The next steps are to keep using Google Sites to figure out the functions needed to represent my diamond visions!