Final Project

Final Project Update!

Truth be told, with each passing day I get a little more nervous about the final project- and I believe that is because when I envision the end result, I’m concerned I won’t be able to accomplish it, technologically. However, after viewing the history education and student projects in this week’s module, I’m feeling a bit better! Seeing the variety of different projects, I noticed a blend of sites that use less text and more visuals/simplified bullet points (Children and Youth in History) versus those that were heavier on text and information (Women on Trial). This helps me determine the visual format I’d like to utilize for my site.

The student interviews were incredibly helpful and some takeaways that resonnated with me were video #3, Celeste and Jeri, where they mentioned viewing museum exhibit websites and evaluating how those are laid out, as well working backwards in terms of starting with a desired skill of students and narrowing the project down. In video #6 Devon discusses starting with a quiz at the beginning to create some interest. Jason and I had discussed that in our partner meeting, and I really like that idea of user engagement right at the beginning of the project.

So where does this leave me in terms of my progress? First here, are some questions, I am toying with:

  • Should I created a separate website from Reclaim Hosting, or create it as a page/post feature on my site?
  • How much should I incorporate the idea of folklore/curse in my project? I keep bouncing back and forth with “Is my project simply about the bizaare story of the Hope Diamond?” Or “Is my project about the idea of objects being cursed, with the example of the Hope Diamond”? My fear is with the second concept I will enter down a rabbit hole of curse/folklore and not be able to bring around to include enough about the Hope Diamond to prove the point.
  • What is my end result? Is it simply learning more about an interesting object? Is it having the viewer come away with deciding if they believe in the curse? What can I realistically expect?

In terms of next steps, most importantly will be resolving my above questions. I have written out how I visualize the website and it looks a little like this:

  • Part I/Homepage: Quiz on Hope Diamond knowledge with visuals and a little background on the basics of the stone.
  • Part II/Tab from Homepage: Discussion of curse and how that can play into folklore of an item OR more detailed information about the Hope Diamond with timeline of ownership and activity.
  • Part III/Tab from Homepage: (if I can figure out the technology!) some sort of matching activity: match the bad luck to the owner of the diamond. Example: “My house burned down and my leg was crushed after I handled the Hope Diamond” (Answer: the postman who delivered the stone to the museum!)
  • Part IV/Tab from Homepage: Conclusion, where I possibly ask questions about the believability of the curse or layout different scenarios historians have come up as well as discuss primary sources.