Final Project

Puzzle Piece #3

The final project of the Curse of the Hope Diamond is coming along nicely; I’ve utilized primary sources such as Richard Kurin’s book, The Hope Diamond and Francesca Cartier Brickell’s book, The Cartiers: The Untold Story. In addition, archives from jewelers Harry Winston and Cartier, as well as the Smithsonian will provide for the factual details and timeline of the Hope Diamond. The curator for the Gem and Mineral Collection at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Dr. Jeffrey Post, will be giving an online talk this week to a jewelry club, where he will be focusing on the gemstone, so that will provide some great first-hand information.

The above primary sources are one facet (pun intended) of the study of the Hope Diamond. The other, and quite frankly, more entertaining history comes from folklore and legend and obviously the authenticity cannot be confirmed. But that is what makes the story so interesting, so I am looking for any advice on how to note that some of the story’s lore cannot be verified. Or does that even matter?

And what exactly will all this information be used for? My vision for this project is to create a sort of “choose your own adventure” (for lack of a better term) using some of the factoids surrounding the stone. Where I am hitting a roadblock is in how this would be executed- I have a lot of random pieces of the Hope puzzle, but I am not sure the correct way to weave them together for an interactive and engaging project.

For example, here are a few myths associated with the diamond:

Wilhelm Fals, a Dutch jeweler who recut the stone, was killed in a murder/suicide by his son.  •Simon Maoncharides, a Greek merchant who owned the stone, drove his car over a cliff, killing himself, his wife and child.

Granted, these are a little bit morbid, but we are talking about a cursed stone! Would it make sense to lay these all out and have the reader pick the ones that are associated with the stone? Or by choosing, lets say the identity of Wilehem Fals, you discover that you are victim of a murder/suicide?

I would love any and all feedback!

Is it me, or does she look a little bit scared?