Final Project

Puzzle Piece #2

The use of digital media/tools will be an asset for the Curse of the Hope Diamond final project as it is intended to appeal to the curiosity of individuals. My anticipated audience are those who have visited museums and are familiar with a certain level of visitor interaction (ie., The Natural History Museum, rather than the National Gallery of Art) as well as those drawn to a mystery and lore of a well-known object. The Hope Diamond is a three-dimensional piece so this project will require a certain level of digital tools to compensate for the fact the item won’t be seen in person.

Specifically, I was envisioning some type of “game”, where users can choose from historical statements/events and decide whether or not they are associated with the Hope Diamond, with each correct statement chosen a piece of the Hope Diamond appears, with the goal being to construct the image of the necklace. This could then be altered for the level of the audience, with more simplified statements for those with no prior knowledge of the Hope Diamond.

Another concept would be to allow complete interaction by being able to virtually try on the necklace- I admit, I have no idea how this would work, but I am envisioning uploading a photo of yourself and the result would be the ability to see yourself in the Hope Diamond- for those brave enough to “virtually” try on such a cursed piece!